Monthly Subscription Options

Winter Schedule: Subscriptions fulfill 2x of a one-time purchase.

How it works: Order one time per month and pick up your order twice, on 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at our regular locations in Boulder and Longmont.

You can order:

  1. "Bundled Items" such as bacon and eggs together, and/or
  2. "Single Items" such as just bacon or just eggs
  3. Need more? Buy two to double your subscription, or buy a bundle plus a single to double just one item.

Why Subscribe? Subscriptions for staple items give you convenience, peace of mind, and a discount. The bigger your bundle, the more savings you get via the subscription.

Note: Once we return to weekly distribution (April or May, stay tuned), we will add a recurring payment option -- a standing order until you cancel it.