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High Plains Poultry

Monthly Egg Subscription (2 dozen for $16)

Monthly Egg Subscription (2 dozen for $16)

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1 dozen eggs delivered twice per month, on first and third Wednesdays at our normal pickup locations in Longmont and Boulder. From High Plains Poultry: “Our birds really live outside at farms in Bennett and Strasburg, Colorado. They have shelter with Non-GMO food, water, and cozy nests. We move them around on pastures in-season so you get great tasting eggs.”

High Plains is a farmer’s coop and much of the grain used to feed the chickens is produced by member farms, pesticide free. We can’t guarantee the chickens never pecked at something non-organic, but these eggs are clean, local, and fresh.

Approved coop members produce cage-free and free-range eggs, with flocks ranging from 100 to 600 birds. High Plains serves as the egg processor, providing aggregation, washing, grading and packaging services and ensuring the eggs meet all USDA and State food safety standards. Birds are fed a non-GMO ration with no antibiotics or hormones.
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