WE DO NOT SHIP, you must pick up.

Weekly web orders placed before Monday 6pm will be available for pickup on Wednesday 5pm to 6:30pm at our Boulder, Lafayette, and Longmont locations. Loveland pickup is Wednesdays at 2:15pm.

  • 2023 CSA Shares

    Reserve Your Weekly Veggie Box for the 2023 Season!

    CSA = Community Supported Agriculture. You pay in advance for a season’s vegetables. A box with your share of the harvest will be waiting for you each week. The CSA model gets money to farmers early in the season when they need it most. It guarantees your access to local, pesticide-free food throughout the season.

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  • Subscription Buying

    Get Your Basic Staples

    Lock in your price. Simplify your weekly shopping routine. We’ve got you covered for incredible food you can depend on: Bacon, eggs, bread, granola, pasta, veggies, coffee, and more. Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, just "set and forget" for single items or bundles. . Your card gets charged, you pick up your order. (And you can still add other items whenever you need.)

    See Subscription Bundles here! 
  • Weekly Shopping

    Shop weekly direct from farms and local food producers like Ozo Coffee, DAR Chocolates, Pastaficio, Spark + Honey, beverages from Sati, Oliko, Big B's, and more. Looking for Veggies? With WOG, you know exactly which farm your cucumber comes from. Try us once and then join as a member for regular orders.

    Seasonal schedule

    We are weekly from April through November, then monthly from December through March.

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  • Know your Farmer

    With 300 days of sunshine a year, our our network of hyperlocal, local, and regional farmers grow an abundance of pesticide-free fruit, vegetables, herbs, grains, meat, eggs, and dairy,  

    Learn About WOG Farms 
  • How It Works

    Place your weekly order by Monday at 6pm and pick it up at one of our sites on Wednesday. It's that simple. Anyone can order off the website, but we ask that you join as a member to re-order.

    Learn more -- Read the WOG FAQs 
  • Our Philosophy

    Every small-hold regenerative farmer, every mom who decides she's going to feed her family organic only from now on, has to face moments where it would be so much easier to do something else.  Let's take that courageous action, TOGETHER.

    Buy "better than organic" food 

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