Food Makers, Shakers, and Bakers

Waves of Grain works with many local food processors and wholesalers in Colorado. If your favorite maker, baker, mover and shaker is not listed below, let us know by email at Thanks!
  • Katarina Schare | Hävenly Baked Goods | Boulder

    This Swedish inspired bread is delicious, nutritious, gluten-free and dairy-free, made with buckwheat, oats, coconut, and seeds. It tastes like bread should and makes great sandwiches (grilled cheese and croutons too)! We eat it for breakfast, with soup, or to munch on hikes and bikes. Katarina selects sustainable packaging and organic and local ingredients when available.

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  • Claudia Bouvier | Pastaficio | Boulder

    Eat and believe! The taste and textures of Claudia's organic and freshly milled heirloom wheat products are not like other pastas. Benefits of heirloom and ancient varieties of wheat include digestibility, nutrition, and a wide range of earthy, sweet and nutty flavors. Now that's a pasta!

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  • Justin Hartman | OZO Coffee | Boulder

    OZO sources ethically and sustainably grown coffees from around the world, building strong relationships with farmers to ensure consistent harvest practices and deliver quality from seed to cup. The three varieties selected for WOG are all Organic and roasted in small batches.

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  • Griffin Giordano | Project Umami | Boulder

    Griffin makes organic "non-soy" tempeh using local ingredients (some products). A food indigenous to Indonesia, tempeh has been a staple for +300 years, high in protein, B12, and healthy bioactive compounds.  Tempeh is created by fermenting various nuts, grains and beans with the Rhizopus (mushroom mycelium).

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  • Lisa Steinkamp | Spark + Honey | Boulder

    Most granolas are baked for 30-45 minutes -- great for shelf-life, but not for flavor. Lisa bakes for 8-10 minutes -- a crisp, light texture with glorious flavor from fresh ingredients. Don't miss out! Organic and locally-sourced whenever possible. "You can't make great food without great ingredients."

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  • ​Lesley Mortimer | Healthy By Design Ferments and Pickles

    We met Lesley and her team at the commercial kitchen where we worked for several years. They use fresh ingredients sourced from local, small and organic farmers except when that supply is inadequate. Zero additives or preservatives. We saw how much care they put into every jar so we had to add these products to the coop fare.  Enjoy!

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