About Waves of Grain

Waves of Grain organizes weekly food orders from 20+ local and regional farms, ranches, dairies, and food & beverage makers. We help families from Denver to Fort Collins access a full range of fresh, nutritious, organic or better-than-organic foods. In addition to local foods, we also provide access to globally sourced bulk organic staples and dry goods (pantry stock). Waves of Grain also provides training and education around local food production and local food system businesses. We assist new farm starts by working with landowners and aspiring farmers.

Coop Basics

Do I have to Register to place an order?

You may order one time prior to joining. To order on a regular basis, you must have a membership. See below.

Are your eggs the same Cottonwood Creek brand as sold at Whole Foods?

yes, these are the same eggs as sold at Whole Foods and maybe at some Natural Grocers as well. The brand (and the chickens) were purchased last fall by our partner, the High Plains Food Coop, which is why we list them as High Plains eggs. Sometimes they come in the Cottonwood Creek cartons, sometimes we get flats and put them in whatever cartons we have available.

Note that these eggs are not certified organic. They are certified to be non-GMO. They do use some soy in the mix, but it is certified non-GMO soy, which should mean no RoundUp at least. Their main supplementary food source (beyond bugs and grasses from being outside) is grain grown within High Plains, which is a farm coop. High Plains growers are regenerative and mostly non-certified organic, with some certified organic farms.

The main grain they grow is milo (bi-color sorghum), so that is the main part of the chicken feed used. The fact that High Plains grows their own feed is one of the reasons we are proud to carry their eggs!

When will the 2023 CSAs be available?

We expect to announce CSA options by March 1, 2023. This year we are exploring options with multiple farms.

How is this shopping cart different than the WOG/High Plains cart?

For Jan-Feb-March 2023, we still maintain our other shopping cart for ordering farm products from the High Plains regenerative food network. If you are interested in ordering those products, create a separate login there and let us know so we can assign your member discount.

Do Coop Members have to volunteer their time?

No. We are called a coop because we are a worker's cooperative. It is great when buying club members pitch in where needed, but there is no requirement. There's always plenty to do. Just ask.

Is the Coop really a cooperative?

Yes. Waves of Grain is registered in Colorado as an LLC but our operating agreement defines our status as a worker's cooperative. There is no top-down management. We are a European-style worker's cooperative. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mondragon_Corporation

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